Sirius Curse: Time Knows no Lies Debüt EP (VÖ 15.3.2021)

Verfasst von Paolo Baschiera.

Pleasant debut for this German band, Sirius Curse, made up of experienced musicians with a past that originates in the 80s. From the first song of their first cd, ‚Time Knows No Lies‘, preceded by the beautiful intro ‚Rain Time‘, the guys tell us what their intent is: in ‚Loud‘ they play an original hard rock-heavy metal, with powerful guitar riffs and a particular (and intense) vocal strength. A little tribute to the past (to groups such as Judas Priest and Angelwitch in particular) represents the subsequent ‚Relax (It’s War‘), which has  not  a so fast rhythm, however it contains the power of more quick songs. Interesting the reference to different melodies intertwined by the guitars shortly after mid-song. My favourite track is the following ‚No Tomorrow,‘ since the progressive elements that are perceived to belong to the musical background of the band  since ever, emerge here more, always remaining fortunately in places more similar to hard rock than „soft“! Remarkable from ‚Sirian Curse‘ the variety of styles, sounds, skills of the various components that guided by the excellent voice of the singer Peter are able to experiment without ever leaving the Hard rock-Heavy Metal base. This  will be evident again in the title track that will invite you to follow the rhythm of the music with your foot like any hit by Accept or Iron Maiden, in particular thanks to the excellent test of the rhythmic base and the progressive touch again evident. The strangest one is ‚The Sense‘,  a tune less „traditional“, however it does not clash with the context, although some sounds seem almost far from classic and tend to a certain groove, remotely comparable to bands like the Americans Mordred. The final composition ‚Bondage‘ sparks energy from every note and ends well a very interesting album, which has the rare ability to involve the listener both in the most conventional moments and in those where the „almost experimental“ sound takes over. If I had to give a vote between 0 and 10, it would certainly be an 8.