Metal and Disability

I've been a metal fan since forever, but I can't I'm absolutly set on one branch of metal. I rather prefer good music and  every style has more or less good bands. I started with bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Sodom, Manowar etc.

A few years ago I got sick and I've been severely disabled since then, although I'm only partly physically disabled. Since then I'm interested how the metal scene deals with disabled persons, and if there are any fears of contacts. Unfortunately I'm not always able to endure big masses of people because of my disability, which makes it difficult to go to festivals or even concerts.

In early 2010 I started to look for possibilities so that I could have  fun, too. So I got in contact with some bands to see whether they had an idea how I could come to their concerts without worsening my health. I was surprised about the ideas they had, they invited me to their concerts and to use the space in front of the stage that was reserved for people in wheelchairs. I was a bit worried, because you don't see my disability.

But, I have to say, that the concerts I saw were really relaxed which calmed down. But I still wasn't satisfied with the whole thing, so I started looking for websites and message boards of or for disabled people on the internet, but I didn't really find anything.

At one concert I started talking with a physically disabled fan and he told me the same thing I already knew. This was hour of birth of the idea for this website. So I started writing to organizers to ask which options they had for disabled fans at their festivals. I asked organizers of concerts 'what do you do for special visitors?' and of course I'm still in contact with bands that support my idea. That doesn't mean that it's easy, because there are some festivals where no one gives a damn about disabled persons, unfortunately I'm not allowed to name anyone. There are bands that do not depend on their fans and premisis that don't even have a wheelchair ramp when they host concerts, so that you even can't get into the concert.

With this page I want to show that there are other ways, and that we are a strong community of people who share their taste in music. It's important for me that disabled people have a point where they can turn to with their interests and that the internet is more extensive regarding the topic metal.

At this point I want to thank everybody who supports and helps me to go through with this project.



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