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Band-Tip 44Mag. Current Album "past sins"
2nd Part of Metal and Disability
The Comeback of Running Wild and the announce of the new Album
The American hard rock band Vayden said goodbye to their German audience with a special gift
In our category band introductions, we present to you this time, the band "My Tide" from Hamburg /Germany.
Iconic thrash metal band TANKARD from Frankfurt/Germany has revealed the track list for its upcoming album “A Girl Called Cerveza”.
PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION have released brand new single, ‘No Friendly Neighbour’.The full News you will find here.
CRYSTAL VIPER RELEASE "WITCH'S MARK" VIDEO CLIP - The Clip and the full News about the album you will find here
On 27th August Ensiferum releasing their new album Unsung Heroes . Now, the band released the cover and the tracklist. Get the full information here
Dutch Blackened Metal masters ONHEIL are looking for graphic artists, photographers and other creative people
Overkill will performing a special Concert
EKTOMORF: new song “The Cross” available for free download!
U.D.O.: DVD “Live In Sofia” to be released on September 28th!
Classic Gallery - Edguy at Docks / Hamburg (GER) 2011
BLACK ABYSS signs with Apostasy Records
The band Whitechapel published on 15/06/2012 a new album. Now they give an exclusive insight into the studio.
Magnum Coeptum Satanicum compilation by IUBARIS coming in September
WINTERSUN Official picture and behind-the-scenes material!
TANKARD - Hit the charts!
POWERWOLF signs at Napalm Records
9MM: New Album to be released in November
Crow7 cancel England Tour
Power Theory Announces Addition of Second Guitarist
Cradle of Filth - Releasedate and Cover
HEXVESSEL's No Holier Temple. Artwork, Tracklist and News
AMORPHIS – to enter the studio in September!
MOB RULES: cover artwork und tracklist unveiled
Raven Lord has been chosen Fredman Studios  for the final mix of the new album
AXEHAMMER - revealed Cover and Tracklist
Polish death metal machine presents debut EP Till Man Exists No More
BAD POETRY BAND presents new songs online
SoulHealer announces Lineup change!
New VESEN album "This Time It's Personal" for streaming
Voodoo Circle: working on new album
Saille begins recording new album
EMPATIC - personnel changes and work on a new album!
The Sword: New album will be released via Napalm Records
Metalfest Croatia renamed to Burning Sea
SISTER release video from Sonisphere festival
Red Front offering their album "Memories of War" for free download
Metalcamp Croatia renamed to Metaldays
EDEN'S CURSE confirm singer departure & begin vocalist search!
ANTROPOMORPHIA - releasing Anointment by Sin via Rock Hard
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult releasing cover and album title
Abiotic - Track listing and album artwork revealed!
MASACHIST Reveal Initial Details On Forthcoming Album
Blood Mortized Competition!
The new album of Project Pain as free download
Goodbye Wacken - a critical review
FINSTERFORST signed a deal with Napalm Records
MOB RULES: Ice & Fire Single and Video released
Amorphead releasing Chaos Expression video
Ashes you leave - revealed Cover and Tracklist
Nightwish and Anette Olzon have decided to part company!
SoulHealer - have entered the studio
Wömit Angle cover artwork und tracklist unveiled
ILL NINO - Free Song for Download
PARADOX revealed Cover and Tracklist
AGRYPNIE - revealed Cover and Tracklist








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