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 I would like to promote new-metal-media is that possible?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to advertise on new-metal-media, however, is advertising on bands, record labels and music specific offers limited.

I have a band and would like to new-metal-media promotion of a CD, does it?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to promote your band, if this is established in the metal sector.

How can I promote my band and what you need from me or my band?
Answer: Please send your demos, CD's or something similar to the above address. What is needed is a short Bandbio (foundation, music style, origin, members, website, myspace page if available). Any publication is free.

How long does it take for my band to new-metal-media shows up?
Answer: In general, all demos, CD's heard, processed the data for the page, it takes about 1 week. One could go out of seven days, unless that arrive on a day several CD's, then it can be moved by 1-2 days back.

How do I know that my band now with new-metal-media, and there is more than the band directory?
Answer: Every band that is published will receive a mail that them  now on new-metal-media. Additionally, it is possible to be advertised with the album of the week. Bands that do particularly clear, separate items will receive the band, their music, upcoming concerts, etc.

I would like for new-metal-media write a concert review, have tips or suggestions on how I come in contact with you?
Answer: Of course we could use any help well and look forward to concert reports of disabled and able-bodied metal fans. These can be sent via email on the contact button. Live Reports can be published with names. Photos for the respective reports, as well as band photos may a size of max.2MB.





















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