Vayden rocks the Koogavenue

On Saturday the 12th November, the earth quaked in Brunsbüttel (North-Germany) and a storm named Vayden swept through the streets. Vayden her character hard rockers from Los Angeles, had completed their tour of Germany with Wirtz still a special gift for their fans in the north. As thanks for their loyalty got the Brunsbüttler their own music video shoot. The shopping street of the town had been closed to traffic and there were gathered many fans, music lovers and sightseers. After some waiting, it went off then, the band appeared on a trailer, which was slowly pulled through the streets. Casey Curtis, the frontman of the band welcomed the fans together with the organizers of the Dithmarscher Rock Festival. It was explained to run short as the video shoot would. As a song for the video, the band had the classic AC / DC "It's a Long Way to the Top" chosen. The fans were positioned behind the trailer and  should follow the trailer, while the band played. The shooting lasted 1 1 / 2 hours and the vehicle was turned over several times, despite the quite cool temperatures, the mood was very good. At the end of the shoot Vayden still played an open air concert on the harbor. Here were some wheelchair users directly to the stage so they could see well. Even the children were left on the trailer so that they had a better view of the stage. All in all it was once a day, the Brunsbüttel will not  forget soon.



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