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Cold in December release new videos from the upcoming album
ENDSTILLE announce new album
Overtures from Italy releasing new video clip
Raven Lord announce new drummer
CRYPTEX - Martin Linke leaves the band
Wacken Open Air announces the first bands for 2014
Godslave releasing the artwork of the new album
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Corvus Corax starting crowdfunding campaign for music video

There was non video clip in the 25-year career of the "kings of the minstrels' before. It's time to change this. In hard times for the music industry have Wim Castus, Norri, PanPeter, Hatz, Vit and Steve the dream to have their wish come true with the help of their fans. The full Informations about the project you will get here

Interview with Soulhealer from Finland


Some events cast their shadows advance. So the new album of the five Finns is already waiting in the wings and a longer tour starts in May. New-Metal-Media got the chance to interview the band. Two of the musicians took the time and answered any questions. The whole interview you get here.