We from New Metal Media got the Chance to get an Interview with Adrienne from Seven Spires here you get the english version the german one comes soon.


NMM: Hey Adrienne thanks for your Time & Interesting in New Metal Media

Adrienne: It’s a pleasure! Thanks for having me 🙂

NMM: For first congratulates for our Debut “Solveig” is awesome it was a Joy to listen.

Adrienne: Ah! Thank you very much!

NMM: Who are you and what you doing?

Adrienne: I wear many hats – vocalist, demon, songwriter, orchestrator, crazy captain of planning – but for the next five weeks or so I am wandering through the northeast writing new material and playing shows with Spires and other projects, and also rehearsing for a metal opera that I will sing in next month.

NMM: Where was your first encounter with the Guys? Would you say this meeting was Destiny?

Adrienne: I met Jack in a bookstore shortly after I moved to Boston, already having the idea of this band growing in my head for maybe half a year. I was wearing a Nightwish shirt and Def Leppard was on the radio. Yes, I think this meeting was written in the stars, but perhaps it was also not by chance that Pete, a friend of Jack’s from an old band, and Chris, whom I used to do Dream Theater/Megadeth covers with back in the day, get along so well. It is always magical when things line up perfectly like this.

NMM:  You have played at the Metal days in Slovenia how was the Resonance from the Crowd?

Adrienne: Metal Days was an amazing first European experience for us! We actually experienced a biblical amount of rain during our set and even lost power towards the end, but the crowd was really amazing and supportive. They powered through the rain and sang our songs back to us, and despite the downpour and the slippery stage, we all had a great time.

NMM: You are Student at the Berklee College of Music to Composer of Romantic & Movie Soundtracks. Who is your favorite Movie Music Composer? My personally ones are Danny Elfman & Hans Zimmer.

Adrienne: Actually, I am proud to be officially a Berklee graduate as of December ’16! Hans Zimmer is my obvious first choice because I love the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks so much, but James Newton Howard (Disney’s “Atlantis”, “Treasure Planet”) and Howard Shore (“The Lord of the Rings”) are close second picks.

NMM: Where do you come on German Stages? Who was your preferential Support?

Adrienne: Actually, we have yet to play Germany – we had some shows lined up this past summer for after Metal Days, but some things fell through and we had no choice but to cancel. Already we are planning for 2018 dates and overseas voyages, though!

NMM:  With one Historical Person can you identify with so

Edgar Allan Poe, Vlad Tepes, or Countess Bathory?

Adrienne: Hah, charming company 😀 Edgar Allan Poe, of course!

NMM: Our Site New Metal Media is the first and only page about metal, rock and disability.

We provide information for handicapped accessible venues & festivals. How disability friendly is Boston/Massachusetts?

Adrienne: Boston as a city is actually pretty good about accessibility. The public transport system is disability-friendly, but I’m not sure I can say the same about venues. Some smaller venues that are very important to the local scene are absolutely accessible, though – I suppose I haven’t looked for a ramp since the days Jack switched from a Marshall half stack to a small amp profiler.

NMM: What’s your Definition of Symphonic Metal?

Adrienne: My own personal definition is simply: Metal that consistently incorporates a symphony like another member of the band. But still, it is a wide definition because it leaves the question of sub-genre – black metal like Carach Angren, death metal like Fleshgod Apocalypse, or something softer and more melodic like Nightwish.

NMM: This is a popular Question in Germany. What do you take on a lonely Island?

Adrienne: I would bring a camera, my old copy of “Return of the King”, and my trusty Wacaco Minipresso 🙂

NMM: What was the last good Movie you have seen and why was good?

Adrienne: I recently watched “The Equalizer” – really cool film, amazing action scenes, cool characters and premise. But, I also recently re-watched “Howl’s Moving Castle” and I honestly just love everything that Hayao Miyazaki works on. His characters and stories always touch my soul somehow, and the soundtracks are totally gorgeous.

NMM: All righty that was from my Side the famous last Words have you what would tell the World?

Adrienne: Thank you so much!! See you out on the road soon!