NMM: Hi Marina thanks for your Time and interested in New Metal Media

Marina: Hi, nice to meet you! First from all: you are fantastic, tribute words to you and all the awesome stuff New Metal Media doing.

NMM: Tell us who are you & what are you doing

Marina:  I’m originally composer , music producer, classical pianist, rock singer , I wrote songs for other artists in different genres and now I’m writing only for myself and focused on my own solo artist carrier. At this moment my debut album is finalized and I’m very very veeery exited to share my music with you soon.

NMM: What was your First Touch with Heavy Music? 

Marina: My first touch with Heavy Metal was at the age of 7 when I listened first time to Iron maiden and AC/DC 

NMM: You live in Sweden. If Many Metal Fans think about Sweden they have special Music in her mind like Marduk, Enslaved, Watain, Shining.  How do you see the Metal/Rock Scene in Sweden?

Marina : We have many incredible Heavy Metal bands but unfortunately the rock stage in Sweden is small comparing to other countries.

NMM: Our Site New Metal Media is the first and only page about metal, rock and disability. 

We provide information for handicapped accessible venues & festivals. How disability friendly is Sweden?

Marina: I think that Sweden is generally a very friendly country when it comes to disability.

NMM: What is your Inspiration for your Lyrics?

Marina: Life, Humans, Nature and Love

NMM: For a long Time ago I was in Norway I fall in love with this wonderful landscapes the silence from the Fjords. What do you love in your Country?

Marina:  White nights. From May to the end of July it’s incredible. It’s never dark and the sky is amazing no matter the weather. This inspires me a lot.

NMM: What is your Masterplan for this Year? 

Marina: The Master plan for this year is a release of my Album „Dare to be Happy“ and everything around this. I start the pre release album performances on the end of July. Beside that, to be Happy 🙂

NMM: I like your Video it’s only you (a wonderful Woman) & the Music. I think for many Guys it’s difficult to concentrate on the Sound ^^

Marina: Well, thank you Very Much, video is very simple, I think everyone see and hear what they want to see and hear))

NMM: Well this was from me the famous last words have you what would you tell the World?

Marina: Words to the world: Fill your heart with Love! And.. Dare to be Happy!