Knogjärn Release Music Video For Latest Heavy-Hitter „Bedövning“

Photo Anine Desire

Knogjärn Release Music Video For Latest Heavy-Hitter „Bedövning“


RELEASE: 21.10.2022

We are closing in on the colder part of the year and to power through the cold Scandinavian fall we could all use some raw and uncompromising heavy rock.

Luckily Knogjärn’s new single Bedövning is exactly what you need.

It is a heavy and catchy song that gets you hooked from the very start.

Listen to the single here

Bedövning is an energetic, angry and almost melancholic heavy hitter, mixing punk, metal and the best of heavy rock into a potent antidote to these messed up and confusing times

Knogjärn comments:
„Bedövning (Anesthesia) is a classic knucklesandwich about peoples inability to appreciate and cherish what they have. The constant urge for something, but what?“

FFO: Metallica, Volbeat, Lok, Lillasyster, Glucifer 


With its explicit Swedish lyrics and an emphasis on the “Hard” in Hard Rock, the unique sub-genre of Swedish Hard Rock is something you’ve got to love.

Knogjärn are a band with their heart and soul buried deep within this genre. Their take on melodic hard rock combined with heavier elements from hardcore and metal makes Knogjärn into the perfect music to shake of yesterday and move into the future with. Pumping up the listener and turning everyone into a true Swedish Hard Rock fan.

Since the start in 2015, Knogjärn has delivered nothing but sonic raging anger with an unapologetic, IN-YOUR-FACE attitude. The foursome drops super-charged records, but they hit even harder when on stage: “We want you to like our live performance even if you don´t like our music”, the band states.  Their records are the testimony that Knogjärn always give 100%! Hard’n’heavy riffs with raging vocals and explicit lyrics speak beyond their vernacular, beloved by their ever-growing crowd of fans.

Band Members:

Kim Eriksson- Vocals
Markus Hurtig Guitar
Rasmus Sörbom Bass
Johan Hidén Drums


2015 – “Våldet i ditt Paradis” (Eng.: The Violence In Your Paradise)

2017 – “Marscherar och Förstör” (Eng.: March and Destruct)

2020, May – “Stora och Farliga” (Eng.: Bid and Dangerous)

2020. Nov – “Kvarlevor” (Single collection. Eng.: Remains)

2020, Dec – “Stora och Farliga” re-release with new bonus track
2022 – “Tungrott” EP


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