Kampfar Release ‚Flammen fra Nord‘ And Launch Pre-Order For Their Upcoming Album ‚Til Klovers Takt‘

Photo Carl Eek

AUG. 24

„A horse in the distance, rider atop in lavishly coloured garb, enters the valley. He calls himself a shepherd, a collector for the ones above.  

Singing to himself in a foreign tongue, the calm melody betrays the fire beneath his words. He is here to save and to be saved; he is the word, and the word is him.“

Flammen fra Nord tells this story through two voices, a story depicting the alchemic reaction that arises when the one true flame tries to replace nature’s ancient fire.

Listen here: https://orcd.co/flammenfranord

Pre-orders for their upcoming album Til Klovers Takt also launched today and is available here: https://shop.indierecordings.n…

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