STORM Showcase Pure Metalcore Class with Second Single “Beautiful Pain”

photo by Sebastian Ludvigsen

STORM draws inspiration from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Falling in Reverse, Motionless in White and Yungblud, and he is a part the new wave in music that appeals to a generation rather than to fans of a specific genre.

“Beautiful Pain” has it all in terms of the modern melodic metalcore genre; riffs that forces your head to shake, heavy breakdowns, atmospheric layers  and an insanely catchy chorus that sticks to your brain like glue.

About the second single STORM states;
 “Beautiful Pain is a track about how crazy the world has become, and how you really don’t should give a f**k about what other people tell you to do and to trust your own opinions and not follow the masses.
This track was the last one I finished for this EP and I think this is definitely the most catchy track of the EP”


Behind the stage name STORM is Leo Davadi Sundli, who despite his young age of 13 already have accomplished a lot as an artist. His career began in 2019 with the band Snøstorm, and top tier media in Norway such as VG, NRK, Musikknyheter and Adresseavisa quickly noticed the young talents.

„They simply make music that is as catchy as it is heavy. This was altogether awesome for a real metalcore fan like myself. “ Musikknyheter (NO) wrote after their performance at the Rotvoll Festival in 2019.

In 2020, Leo chose to move on from Snøstorm, and started his new band project STORM. It did not take long before the multi-talent was noticed, and in 2021 he managed to secure a record deal with the prestigious Indie Recordings, and booking agent with the renowned All Things Live.

„You very rarely come across such a massive, and at the same time young talent as STORM, and there was no doubt that this was something we wanted to work with. Not only does he make amazing music, but he is a determined and focused young man I think we will hear a lot from in the years to come. Join The Storm !! » – Erlend Gjerde general manager of
Indie Recordings says about the fresh signing.

Lyrics: Leo Davadi Sundli, Nora Eklo
Vocal engineer: Olai Wanvik
Produced by: Martin Stenstad Selen, Erlend Gjerde & Tobias Østerdal
Mixed by: Lars André Gussiås
Master: Morgen Nicolaysen
A&R: Erlend Gjerde

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