Maraton Release New Music Video For Their Captivating Single „Perdurant Lives“

Maraton Photo Sebastian Ludvigsen

The Norwegian band Maraton is known for their distinct and iconic soundscape, characterised by technical drums, earthquake-awakening bass, shimmering guitars and almost sacred vocals.
Today the band release a new music video for their single „Perdurant Lives“
Watch it here:…

About the new music video, singer Fredrik states:
Perdurant Lives is a song about accepting that you will never be a perfect human being. A snippet from a life will always show that one is missing or seeking something. This video was made as a reflection of highs and lows. When ever you think you reached the the ultimate „peak-you“, the mind twist the success to reflect another dimension of problems/situations you have to deal with. Lets go in to the rabbit-hole together:
This is Perdurant Lives

Fredrik Bergersen Klemp – Vocals
Simen Hundere Ruud – Guitar
Frank Nordeng Røe – Drums
Magnus Johansen – Keys
Ruben Aksnes – Bass

break boundaries between genres, creating progressive alternative rock with roaring bass, massive guitars and exceptional vocals. Described as „shamelessly melodic“, the band experiments with sounds and creates music that can be described as a dynamic journey through sensory impressions. Thematically, lines are drawn between the emotional and the philosophical, and the songs are based on human receptivity to new impressions and developments.
Maraton released their debut album „Meta“ in 2019, with great success and very good reviews internationally. At the time of writing, the debut has almost 3 million plays on Spotify alone, and despite the pandemic and little opportunity for concerts, the band’s fan base is constantly growing.
The band has been praised for their fantastic and energetic live performances with such claims as: „Bergersen’s falsetto delivery is simply amazing“ and „With a voice driven by power and clarity, I was left with goosebumps in places you did not know you could get goosebumps “ –
Maraton have previously played at festivals such as Roskildefestivalen in Denmark, By:larm– and the Trondheim Rocks festival in Norway, and after the debut album they went on an extensive European tour with Leprous.
By combining and experimenting with different genres, the band creates a distinct and iconic soundscape that is characterized by technical drumming performed with mechanical precision, earthquake-awakening bass, shimmering guitars and almost sacred vocals.
Despite this strange and wonderful mix, the songs present themselves as surprisingly catchy, but at the same time timeless, and as something that should be enjoyed and absorbed through more than one listening. Maraton are finally back with new music, and the follow-up album „Unseen Color“ is expected in the autumn of 2022

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