Today Diabolical announce a campaign to collect funds for charity. The band will sell paintings and a special t-shirt and donate all profits to an organization helping the most vulnerable during the current crisis. The paintings are done by the band’s guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv and he will continue to paint as long as fans are willing to donate.

The full announcement posted on the band’s Facebook-page:

„Strange times bring out strange things within us. We have spent the recent weeks like most of you, shielded off from the chaotic yet strangely tranquil world outside. Like many others of you we would like to contribute to ease some of the suffering and trials that some of us are facing right now. Given that we are where we are in our creative cycle, we figured we might take the opportunity to make something different.

(c) Carl Stjärnlöv

Carl has been busy during the past days painting in a state of meditative inspiration. He has painted a collection of paintings that we will sell through our webstore http://store.diabolical.se and give all of the proceeds to a cause to support some of the most vulnerable of us during these challenging times. We will donate the money to the Swedish organization Stadsmissionen who are helping the homeless, isolated elderly and families in poverty during the current crisis.

 The paintings are a meditation on our current physical and spiritual trials and explores a passage, the phases of a cycle and its coming completion, a potential and its way toward manifestation.

 The series of paintings will be named „Trans“ and will be an ongoing work. We will put up new works for sale for as long as you want to help us donate and for as long as Carl can keep painting while remaining relatively sane.

 Additionally we have designed a new t-shirt based on one of the first paintings in the series. The profits generated from the sales of this t-shirt will also be donated to Stadsmissionen.


The first paintings and the t-shirt are already available for purchase. We will notify you through our social media channels when new paintings are available.


This is our way of contributing to aid in the current struggle. We hope you are with us and are willing to support if you have the possibility. „

You can follow the progress of this project through their official channels:




To check out the paintings and t-shirt, visit:


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