IMAGINE DRAGONS released their single “Bad Liar” in November last year, cloning Maraton’s “Blood Music” single artwork released in February 2018.

On this occasion, Maraton has stated:

It might have come to everyone’s attention that IMAGINE DRAGONS and MARATON has the same cover for our singles?💁‍♂️ Which one is cooler?😂

Here’s the story:
Instagram is a wonderful place for art.  We bought our artwork from an incredible artist called Beeple_crap. We contacted him and asked him if we could buy the rights of using these photos for our singles and album. After much consideration we found 5 pieces that really suited our music perfectly. It is really not cheap to be a musician these days, and our budget was not something to brag about. We payed a one time fee for using his art, and did not think much more of it.

Suddenly we saw that Imagine dragons had a new single coming up with the same artwork, 6 months after our release. With no deal in hand giving us the exclusive rights for the photos, we can only say one thing. DAMN – They got good taste!!

Imagine Dragons Clones Maraton’s Artwork

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