Norwegian prog pop rock band Maraton are out with their new single titled “Mosaic”. The song is another glimpse into their upcoming debut album, to be released early 2019.  “Mosaic” is an energetic song, with offbeat hypnotic guitar riffs, steady rhythm section and lyrical vocals. Maraton are again successfully combining genres as if that is no challenge at all, in Mosaic they bring out elements of pop, rock, progressive and even psychedelia. The band’s vocalist, Fredrik Bergersen, has commented: „Sometimes when an inspiration is not present, it can feel really hopeless and like you are suffocating. There is so many possibilities, so many things you can do, there’s just too much. For me it has even resulted in depression. „Mosaic“ is about this. How to find inspiration in not having inspiration. ‚SHOW ME THAT I’M NOT REALLY GONE!‘

You can listen here:

Stream/download HERE.

Maraton Release New Single “Mosaic”

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