Dreamarcher will release their new music video for the track „Shadows“ on Wednesday, September 27th at 11 CEST.

The music video „Shadows“ has been nominated for the Best Norwegian Music Video at Bergen International Film Festival 2017.

The award event will take place on the same date of the video release at Røkeriet USF, Bergen, Wednesday, September 27th at 20 CEST.

The video has been in production for months and we are extremely proud to show the outcome.

Check it out:

„‚Shadows‘ is made by Helmet in Trondheim. We recorded it during some cold, dark winter nights in our hometown Odda, in a shut down factory. We had to undress, and smear our naked bodies in cold mud, so the old factory dust would stick. The dust made us throw up numerous times and the cold made us shiver to the bone – so the pain and exhaustion in our eyes is very real. This place has been a big inspiration on our music, so we are very excited to be able to show it in this video.“ – Dreamarcher

Producer: Jørgen Hunstad og Eilif Engan Hegle
Directed by: Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe
Production company: Helmet AS og Blinkskudd
Among nine other nominees are also Kvelertak with their ‚Bronsegud‘ music video.

The list of all the nominees here.

Dreamarcher releases new music video „Shadows | Nominated for the Best Norwegian Music Video at Bergen

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