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Information for bus and train travelers
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For guests with disabilities:


The train station in Itzehoe is designed only partially step free. The latest information on lift disorders are not included here. If you have questions you please call the competent 3-S-Zentrale or to the mobility service center Tel. 0180 6 512 512 (20 ct/Call from the german telephone network, Calls from mobile phones max. 60 ct/call). Should you need additional help, the station staff would be happy to assist you.

There are several ways to reach the Holy Ground of Wacken, if you traveling by train, Itzehoe will be the final station. The station is full of stairs, so you need as a wheelchair user some help. There are elevators in the station, they are designed specifically for wheelchair users. If you leave the station in Itzehoe, you will find on the right side, the stop for the buses to Wacken. These are usually very crowded when the main arrival wave rolls, so some patience is required. But there are always helping hands for wheelchair user. In addition, the buses run`s in regular intervals. The arrival in Wacken is right in front of the grounds, so that your ways may hold very limited.

All vehicles used are low-floor buses, only two vehicles are not equipped with a ramp for guests with disabilities. The travel times can you refer to the timetable of the WOA shuttle service.

Should you wish to stay outside Wacken, so there is the possibility with the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn to reach more places. The train station in Wilster is at ground level and can be used without problems by wheelchair.

The train station in Burg / Dithmarschen has a wheelchair ramp that leads to a sandy path. From here a local taxi owner can bring you the to WOA,  but you need a reservation. The Fixed local travel allowances is € 30, relevant apartments and hotel offers must be booked well in advance. The taxi owner you will reach Tel: +49(0)4825/2520.



































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