EDEN (24.06.2011)


The band “Faun” was founded as already as 1999 by Oliver Pade and his collegues. After some member changes, the current lineup, consisting of Oliver Pade, Fiona Rüggeberg, Rirda, Rüdiger Maul and Niel Mitra, was found. Every musician is a master on their instruments and manages to get the full medieval sound out of them. The current album “Eden” already is the 7th album of this band from near Munich.


The cover of the CD is decorated with a tree that seems to be medieval. Eden was released in a special deluxe edition, consisting of a slipcase, the CD as a Digipack and a 70 page strong booklet, which is elaborately designed. You can find this CD in every well-sorted music store, as well as on the band’s website or as mail order (EMP etc.).


Something that comes to attention is that the CD is loaded with 14 terrific songs, which last for 72 minutes all together. Even when starting the CD I could recognize the uniqueness of the band Faun. The first song LVPERCALIA convinces me with its Celtic sounding singing. Music and voice support each other and harmonize well.

Zeitgeist is a song written by this band which can be played in dark clubs without any problems and which totally caters friends of Gothic music, but old fans of this band will be completely satisfied with this song as well.

On of my recommandations is the song Iduna, which you can listen to on the band’s myspace website.

Something that comes to attentions throughout all the songs is that Faun really knows how to play their instruments and so they are able to conjure a really great athmosphere in their songs. Although Faun doesn’t re-invent the genre, they still have their very own style and I like that very much.

The Butterfly is a completely instrumental flute piece and I enjoyed it a lot, even though it’s onliy 1:33 minutes.

“Adam lay Ybounden” is an English song from the 15th century, and the band performs it excellently, it’s really fun listening to it.

The 7th song “Pearl” brings me to the world of 1001 nights, in my mind’s eye I see scences of Arabian markets and belly-dancing beauties. The song makes you realize how broad the musical accomplishment of this CD is.

The next song is “Oyneng Yar” which keeps me within the Oriental world, the melody is really catchy and the courus makes want to sing along.

The whole mood turns a bit quieter with “Polska Fran Anderson”, again an instrumental song that makes my mind wander.

My 2nd tip on “Eden” is without a doubt the song “Alba”. I think there is a bit of melancholy in this song, but that doesn’t mean the song is gloomy. No! but it guarantees for its own athmosphere. I am brought back by a formidable instrumental piece called “Ynis Avalch” which has a certain ease and with that evens out the preceeding song a bit. It leads back to the topic of the Garden of Eden.

The song “The Markel Song” is also very quiet, an English song with very nice background singing and a great melody.

The CD finished with “Golden Apple” which is the longest song. “Golden Apple” is a successful end to a varying musical journey.

Conclusion: Even though we had to wait a long time for the new Faun CD, the waiting was worth it. The songs are rich in variety and bring the listener to a very unique world of medieval music. It’s a successful mix of instrumental pieces and songs, which give you a broad view into the musical works of Faun. The disk is well produced and both the voices and the knowledge of the instruments convinced me, so I can only give the highest marks.

The album Eden is a varying musical journey through the Garden of Eden and is a must for every fan of medieval music.


sound quality: 10/10     variation: 10/10            cover: 8/10      booklet: 10/10
overall: 9.5/10

Homepage: http://www.faune.de

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