The Right to Revenge (2008)

Andastra plays an extraordinary mixture of speedmetal that is influenced by pagan metal. They set themselves the goal to build a bridge between speed metal bands, like Blind Guardian, and pagan metal bands, like Ensiferum. They really reached their goal, without just copying the sound of those bands.

The band from Hamburg, Germany, which is led by Benni Zimmermann, created a successful top notch chime in their debut album. The songs a really easy on the ears and are never boring or toneless. Especially the singer wins the audience over with his rough voice, that fits really well with the sound of the other band members.

I particularly liked the 2nd song on the CD, Golgotha, which really makes you want to rumble along. But also songs like Rhiannon (Lady of the Lake) or Right to Revenge are real crowd-pleasers.

All in all it's a promising debut album, that you can find on their myspace website.



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