Red Unicorn (2008)


Ally the Fiddle probably is one of the cutest and most talented artists in the folk-rock genre. She has already proven her terrific abilities on the violin when she played with Haggard, now she strikes out on her own with her own album.

The album clearly can be classified as folk, but it still appeals to die-hard metal fans. She mixes proficient violin playing with the classic sounds of the e-guitar. The first song “Catharsis” sounds like Irish folk and rouses pictures of dancing men with headbands á la Michael Flatley. But I still like it and I want to hear more of it.

“Glenglass” is a Scottish song, which is very quiet and makes you think or even dream. But “The Manson's Apron” and “Days of Thunder”, which are definitely faster, awaken you from that tranquil mood. The last song convinces not only with the great violin part, but also because of the really cool guitar parts.

Until the 5th song “Red Unicorn” I thought the whole album was purely instrumental. But the song starts with a tale, that is accompanied by violin music. After having now listened to the whole album, I have to say that it will be one of my favorites, because it is really different to the usual rock or metal albums. I think, this album is highly recommendable and I can only advise you to buy it, so that you can form your own opinion. For me, Ally coins a new music genre, the instrumental folk metal.





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