Endstation (15.12.2010)

The band  “Act of Creation” was founded in 2007, and Endstation is their 2nd album. The band plays Death / Thrash Metal, to which the 11 songs on their new CD are a total giveaway.

The guys from Haiger have a thick, German Thrash sound, the songs are well recorded and the sound of this production is very balanced. All in all, the songs are neither boring nor trite.

I especially like the texts dealing with abysses of the human soul, with the decline coming along with age and with depressive angst,  like in “Schwarzer Tag”. The songs are really great and are nowhere near the usual Death same old, same old.

So, to cut it short, this CD is a real success, and you can get through my myspace website or through the band's website. It belongs in every sophisticated Death / Thrash Metal collection.


MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/actofcreation




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