Memories lost in time (2010)

The Spanish powermetal band Under Silence presented with their debut album Memories Lost in Time a CD, that can be compared to the big names in the metal scene. In my opinion they even beat some of them!

Memories Lost In Time consists of seven songs, without the intro, they all have a good quality in recording and are well mixed. The rough but still melodic voice, that was recorded in two parts, fits very well with rest of the sound, consisting of two guitars, a bass and drums. The clean singing parts, that are often supported by clean guitars, like in the song Wartunes From Afar, give my goosebumps. Apart from Rober's voice, you always hear rich background singing, that fits perfectly with this epic metal album. They even thought of the obligatory ballad New Winds, and it has potential to be performed on stage as well.

Regarding the lyrics, the guys deal with passed battles and ones, that have not been fought yet, which is consistent with the character of the music, but also is a bit philosophic for some lines.

The cover of the CD is nothing extraordinary, but it's not bad either. The new logo of the band, on the other hand, is bound to be recognized and suits the band better.

The booklet has everything a fan needs. Apart from a list of the song titles and the band's line-up including photos, it also has the lyrics (so you can sing along easily!). Furthermore there are all the contact details, like e-mail, and social networks, so you'll be able to keep up with Under Silence!

All in all, Under Silence is a suberb debut album, that every fan of Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Manowar or Rhapsody of Fire can buy without hesitation!

Quality of sound: 10/10            Variation: 8.5/10          Cover: 8/10     Booklet: 10/10
Total: 9/10




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