The Very End - Mercy & Misery (2011)

The album "Mercy & Misery" is the 2nd album of the German band The Very End and was produced and financed on their own. After the recordings everything was just turning around in the band and the drummer and founding member Lars Janosch left the band. Daniel Zeman joined as new drummer. The CD contains 13 songs, but two of them,  "Immigrant Song" and "Maniac",are cover songs.

The music is very complex, so it isn´t easy to find a genre for it. But this isn´t as bad as it seems at the first time. At all this CD has a very dark character and contains elements of Heavy-, Thrash, Melodic Death Metal but in my opinion also Hard Rock. The songs are full of great, fast and hard guitar riffs and a good drumplaying which seems sometimes a little bit  unbalanced. But my favorites are the clean guitars which make everything a little bit convenient, for example the song "Rat Nation". This parts are very rare but real highlights also like the melodic guitar solo and epic chords which bring some variation into the sound. This all also stands for the real good performance of mixing and mastering. The singer changes often between rough singing and growling what is reflecting the
variation of the influences. Anyway he is fitting his vocals to the lyrics.
According to the name of this album you may think it is a concept album that is not following a storyline. All lyrics are full of death, lies, sicknesses and sorrows and over and over coherent. Referring to the dark mood of the music the black/ white/ grey colors of the the artwork which is an open coffin is damn great and i like it very much.

Only the booklet is a weakness of this album.The pleated sheet contains the lyrics which are good readable and the chorus is in a different color than the rest. But the blockprint, which separates, makes it a little bit confused.
Furthermore the booklet contains a bandfoto without description.It is possible that it takes some time till you like it, but you will realize the music is multifarious.

So in my opinion you can get addicted to the music and the booklet is the only weakness of the album.
A normal booklet would be better. But at all if you like varying metal which is not easy to categorize,

Line Up:
Björn Goosses                         vocals
René Bogdanski                      guitar
Volker Rummel                       guitar
Marc Beste                             bass
Daniel Zeman*                       drums

* Up to 2010 Lars Janosch was the master of the drums

sound quality: 10/10                variation: 9/10             cover: 10/10               booklet: 7/10
overall: 9,0

Label: SPV

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