Stielas Storhett - Expulse (2011)

On the present album expects the listener Black Metal from Russia. It‘s the second album of the, in 2005 founded, Black Metal band „Stielas Storhett”  from Russia, in which Damien T.G., the protagonist, is responsible for all instruments, the music and the singing. There are guitars, bass, drums and, what’s even random in this genre, the saxophone.  To those of you, who are now worried, that this is, once again, a 08/15 one-man-combo, who is only able to play four chords and uses a “drum computer” which will irritate you on an infinite loop: calm down! That’s definitely not the case. The vocals are diversified and switch between grim and clear singing, screaming and whispering. And all of this is good to catch and doesn’t get lost in the instrumental music. The sound is clear and every instrument is just on the right place.

The band logo is, as it’s common in black metal, difficult to read. The cover is black/white and shows a tortured looking women. You can get a lot of different feelings, while listening to this album, except of boredom, there are calm sounds, infernal shredding and also melancholy. The 7 songs last, except of the instrumental piece, round about 4 minutes. Nearby the end of the album, the above mentioned saxophone appears and it fits perfectly in the complete atmosphere. It doesn’t make sense to listen just  to individual songs, you have to listen to the whole album, ideally with earphones to enjoy the sound perfectly.

Result: It’s been a long time since I was so excited about an album, which transports even on really hot summer days the coldness of Russia.

Fans of Shining, Behexen and the old Darkthrone will love it!

Soundqualitiy: 9/10            Variation: 10/10               Cover: 8,5/10         Booklet: 0/10
Total: 9/10


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