Serpentine – Living and Dying in high Definition (2011)


The British melodic rock band Serpentine was founded in 2007, but only in 2010 did they release their debut album “A Touch of Heaven”. The album made quite an impact and got good critics throughout. The band’s voice is Tony Mills, who had already been successful with TNT and Shy. The five musicians re-define the whole melodic rock genre and they can totally convince their fans with their musical achievement.

Dear friends of the hard sounds, in this review I will be rather soft-spoken. The album “Living and Dying in high Definition” was produced at the M2 studios in Wolfhampton / England, and sound-wise, the CD is top limit. The musicians know their genre and are able to conjure their very own mood in the songs, Tony Mills’s voice fits perfectly with the songs.

The songs are full of variation and played well; guitars, keyboard and drums blend well with each other, the whole thing is completed by Tony Mills’s great singing. When I first listened to the CD, I was not sure if I was in the right decade, because it sounds like the 80s and I was reminded of great rock bands of that time. But every following song made me like the CD more, the sound is not dusty, but a mix of traditional melodic rock and modern sounds.

Conclusion: The songs sound very modern, but can keep up with the classics. I’m quite sure, Serpentine is right there up front with bands like America or Kansas and their music will be able to thrill the audience. If the band can keep their high level, they might be able to attain cult status for the melodic rock genre.

The cover differs from the previous album only in color, it show the dragon that is typical for the band. But I have to say, I like it, and I kind of expect something like that from a rock band. I can’t say anything about the booklet, because my CD is a press version, so I can’t give points for it. 

Line Up:

Tony Mills - voice
Gareth David Noon – keyboard / voice
Christopher Gould – guitar
Gareth Vanstone – bass / voice
Roy Millward – drums


sound quality: 10/10                variation: 10/10             cover: 9/10                 booklet: 0/10
total: 9,5/10




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