Serpent Sin – Swamp of Human Chasms (2012)


Serpent Sin is a young band from Franconia / Germany, which contains many styles in their music. The five band members, Martin "Mad" Pirner, Phil Carroll,Chris Stark, Eldo Prosch and Chris Walthers founded the band in 2009 under the actual name. They have high claims about the songwriting and the music they play, which was rewarded with the German Wiesbadener Rock and Pop award in the category Hard´n´Heavy as the best progressive band. In the same year Serpent Sins started to work on their first EP, but in the beginning of 2011 Chris Walthers and Serpent Sin went separateways. After a short period of searching, a new keyboarder, Moritz Fischer, joined the band and so they were able to finish their work and so "Swamp of Human Chasms" was introduced to the world in 2012.

After the first tones of "Night in Kabul" I am very impressed. The song starts with a very melodic, short instrumental introduction. It´s marked by perfect interludes of keyboard- and guitar sounds and at some times it seems to be epical and also with the playtime of 7 minutes it isn´t too long. No, the song is actually winning something due to its length, because there is no losing of power during the whole song, which leads you to hear it a 2nd time after you have heard it for the first time. Serpents Sin changes with "Temptation" the style and thematic by using a keyboard which is combined with different musically elements and the guitars are showing brilliant playabilities by changing the speed of playing. "Temptation" has some classic Heavy Metal and some Power Metal elements which is able to impress combined with perfectly balanced vocal skills. The 6:40 minute long song let every Prog-Metal heart beat very fast. "Animal" is the 3rd song and with 4:40 a little bit shorter than the other 2 songs before. And as an animal it starts, wild and fast. The vocals are more aggressive and so there is only a short way left to call it shouting. The usage of the guitars gave the song also a special mood.Only the playing time of 4:40 could be a little bit longer. Animal seems to be the best song on this EP so it is my playing tip for you. So now let us talk about the 4th and last song of this EP. Introduced by bass and guitar the song "Way to Paradise" begins and Martins voice sounds a little bit forgiving, but only in the first moments, after a short time he gets a dirty sound. During the whole song he is always switching between his clear and his dirty vocals. Still I am impressed by the different elements they are combining and the interludes of guitar and drums are impressive.      

So let me tell you my thoughts about this EP.

"Swamp of Human Chasms" is a very good debut, the songs are melodic, powerful and creative, and I had a lot of fun while I was listening to this EP. With this 4 songs they are showing a musical bandwidth, other bands can´t show it in their whole carrier. It is hard to compare this band to others in fact, because Serpent Sins have their own style. Two thumbs up for this EP. If you like to buy it or book Serpent Sin for a Gig, send them an email to

Line Up:

Martin "Mad" Pirner                  voice
Phil Carroll                                guitar
Chris Stark                                bass
Eldo Prosch                              drums
Moritz Fischer                           keyboards




Soundqualityt: 10/10                  Variation: 9,5/10                      Cover: 9/10              Booklet: 9,5/10
Total: 9,5/10


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