Pessimist – Call to War (2010)


After their demo CD “Nuclear Holocaust”, the thrash metal band Pessimist, founded in 2006, has had consistently possitive critics, and now they released their debut album “Call to War” in 2010.

The thrash band with 5 members starts fantastically with “Trommelfeuer” (even though it’s a German title, their songs are only in English) and you can hear at once that there are no greenhorns at work at the instruments, and they can bring the war, that is the topic of the CD, instantly to your ear, although there are also quieter parts, like “It’s Time to Fuck (with Hate)” or the instrumental “Prelude (Arms to War)”. The singer TZ really puts his shoulder to the wheel and is really convincing. Also the two guitar players Peppi and Richi produce one awesome riff after the other, although some harmonies remind me of Kreator. I especially like the solos, that often loosen up the songs. As with most bands, the bass gets a bit lost, but if it makes an appearances, it really pushes the music. The whole thing is supported by diversified drumming, that repeats the drumfire of the first song. I, as a Sinologist, was especially happy that one song deals with the massacre of Nanjing, because Chinese topics are rarely taken up. For that: Thumps up!

Lyrics-wise, the five guys mainly talk about war, death, pain and torture, like the title kind of suggests. The song “It’s Time to Fuck (With Hate)” somehow reminded me at once of Manowar’s song “Pleasure Slave”. At least Pessimist went through the trouble of getting the song across authentically :)

The cover as well shows the setting of war quite well. Three skeleton soldiers, some equipped with gas masks and unfortunately drawn a bit blurry, are walking through a district that has been destroyed by war. Seeing it, you get the message at once: This album not only has war on the outside, but also on the inside.

The booklet is bit disappointing for me, unfortunately. The lyrics are small handwritten notes next to concert flyers, that Pessimist has played at, all stuck to a wall and thus a bit hard to read. The middle is a photo collage of studio and live photos. On the last page the members of the bands are listed including their photos. On the back there’s a list of the songs  and at the bottom there are the contact details.

If you like Old School Trash Metal, you should buy this CD immediately. If you prefer music that is a bit more versatile, you should first listen to it on myspace. Some might have the same experience I had, meaning, after a few turns in the player I started to like the music. A funny highlight is the “Hidden Track”, which is a midi version of the song “Infernal Death”. Regarding their sound, Pessimist did everything right and released an off the roof debut album.

Line Up:

TZ                   Vocals
Richie              Guitars
Peppi               Guitars
Sevi                 Bass
Raphie             Drums

sound quality: 10/10                variation: 8/10             cover: 9/10                 booklet: 7,5/10
Gesamt: 9/10


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