Schwarz auf Weiss (In Black and White). (15.04.2011)

I'm just holding the new CD by Ohrenfeindt in my hands, and I'm eager to see what's in it. The cover, which is all „in black and white“, makes me want to see more (might be because of the pleasant curves). So, the CD's in the player and playing, that's the new album by Ohrenfeindt:

The first few notes already remind me of AC/DC, the sound of this band from Hamburg is a real success. The first song is already perfect! Suberb guitars and drums and the really cool voice of Chris Laut make me bop along. The 2nd piece on the album, „St. Pauli, du rockst“ („St. Pauli, you rock“), is a real declaration of love to the probably most beautiful district in Hamburg. I'm hooked at once and am reminded of my wild times in Hamburg, when I used to pull all-nighters there, and I can only agree: St. Pauli rocks.

Another real rock-along is „Motormädchen“ („Motor Girls“), which is the 4th song of the album. I have to say, the songs don't get boring, even after you've listened to them for a few times, but they are really catchy. A real tip for me is the 11th song: „Sie hat ihr Herz an St. Pauli verloren“ („She lost her heart to St. Pauli“), which was also released as a single CD. All things considered, I like the CD very much and the songs really rock, for me it's a nice alternative to the brutal sledgehammering, and I can only recommend it. If you have the chance to see Ohrenfeindt on stage this summer, do it!

I'm sure, Brian Johnson of AC/DC as an illigimate brother in Hamburg and that's Chris Laut and he's the singer of Ohrenfeindt. For this album, I can only say: read the review, buy the album and rock!

You can buy the new album by Ohrenfeindt in 4 versions, as jewelcase with 12 songs, as digibook version with 14 songs, as LP with 11 songs and as limited deluxe box.




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