Rivers of Heart (2010)

Since their founding in 2006, Mooncry has been standing for honest and melodic Heavy Metal. As early as 2008, the 5 musicians from Lake Constance released their debut album „Legacy of Hope“. With their following album „Rivers of Heart“, Mooncry demonstrate that they can live up to their reputation of an especially powerful band.

Already the first song of „Seconds in Time“ carries me along, that is how much power is in that song. The voice of Sali, the singer, which supports the songs well and gives an air of something special to the whole thing, overwhelms me. I'm already eager for the next songs and they don't disappoint, because the second song „Memories Drowing“ is a cracker as well, although I think, Powermetal and Heavy Metal blur into each other here. What catches my attention here, the album is very well produced and the musicians play their instruments very well, which is not the case with every album I've listened to so far. But Mooncry don't disappoint me in that regard. The 3rd song starts a bit slower, and „Ghosts of Mind“ is another cracker. The drummer has some real work to do and the guitars do their part for the success of the piece. One of my tips on „Rivers of Heart“ clearly is the 5th song with the same name and after that, the 6th one „Into the Night“. With „Hopeless Play“ the band has something for all the lovers of emotional ballads. All things considered, I like this album very much, because it's melodic and most importantly well produced. In my opinion you can give „Rivers of Heart“ the thumps up.


The 9 songs of the CD are very sound and full, so that I can only recommend to buy the album. If you want to do this, you can buy it on Mooncry's website, under Releases you will find both albums and you can order them.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mooncryeu


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