Lechery - In Fire (2011)


Lechery was founded already in 2004, and they have committed themselves to Heavy Metal. The idea for Lechery had probably existed for some years, when Martin Bentsson left Arch Enemy in order to realize his musical ideas with his own project. The line-up of the band was not totally new, because the four musicians had already played together in different bands. In 2008, it was their time, and Lechery released their debut album “Violator” which met a lot of approval in classic heavy metal countries; but also in the US, they could spark interest. Now the four Swedes topped this and released their 2nd album “In Fire” on August 26, 2011.

Up to this album, I didn’t know Lechery, but with “In Fire” that changed. Heavy metal is a thing for itself, many bands sound like their idols or just copy their style completely. With Lechery, that’s not the case, because once I’ve started the CD, I’m listening to the best intro of the year. Awakening - that’s the title - starts barley audible, but then a storm of guitars and drums breaks lose, and then slowly dies down again, that’s a start of an album I absolutely like. The sound is great, and you can really hear how much effort the band but into the CD in the studio and that really pays off.

“Mechanical Beast” is only the 2nd song on the CD, but at the same time it’s my first listening tip. The song just sweeps you off your feet, so I can only recommend it. The album is rich in variety and I really enjoyed the songs, the musicians know how to play their instruments and the singing voice supports the songs which are really heavy on guitars; in short, it’s real hand-made heavy metal. Finally, I want to give you my 2nd tip to listen to, that’s “In Fire”. It’s just one of the best songs of the album.

Conclusion: Lechery play diversified and down-to-earth heavy metal with their very own character, and for me, they are one of the future big ones of the genre. This album probably is an enrichment for every heavy metal lover and just belongs on the CD rack.

On the cover there is a fist in a leather glove and chains, probably a bit stereotype, but still, it fits. The background consists of flames, and those fit in well with the title “In Fire”. I can’t say anything about the booklet, because my CD was a press version, so I can’t evaluate it.

Line Up:

Martin Bengtsson - voice / guitar
Fredrik Nordstrandh - guitar
Martin Karlsson - bass
Kristian Svensson - drums


sound quality: 10/10                variation: 9/10             cover: 9/10                 booklet: 0/10
total: 9,0/10


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