Demons are Forever (2011)

In September 2008, 5 young musicians from Dortmund came together to rock the world with their version of Thrash Metal. The founder of the band “Ironstate” (Thomas Engel) had been on the look out for like-minded people for his project. He found Thomas Hocke (drums), Anton Helmel (bass), Stefan Fintak (guitar) and Robin Sida (vocals, bass, piano). In spring 2010, the band parted ways with Anton Helmel and at the end of 2010 they recorded their first EP “Demons are Forever” in the BoomBoxStudio. Shortly before the release of the CD, Marcel Krüger joined the band and has been a permanent member ever since.

The cover of the CD is decorated with a plain skull and the booklet consists of two pages, which still contain all the lyrics, so that the so inclined fan is able to check what the songs are about. I like that and on the back of the cover you can find all the band members and their myspace address. Conclusion: you can find all the important information.

Just starting the CD reminds me of bands like Machine Head or Sepultura, the first song of the CD is a hit, with a deep bass and brilliant shouting. In “Buried in Oblivion” you already have a perfect song for shouting along.

The 2nd track on the EP is called “Broken Glass Reflections” and starts very quietly, but the pace slowly picks up and here as well, the chorus is perfect for singing along, and the song is definitely very catchy.


One of my favorites on the EP definitely is the song “Fallen Angel”, which is rather quiet. The guitars, as well as the vocals, are really convincing in this song. I really like that the sound quality of the CD is excellent, like a professional CD, which unfortunately is not the case with every debut album.


All in all, I highly recommend this CD, because the 6 songs are rich in variety, and even after you listened to them for a couple of times, they still are powerful.

Buying the EP “Demons are Forever” is really worth it. You can order the CD at 5 euro + shipping fee


sound quality: 10/10  variety: 9/10 cover: 7/10 booklet: 8/10
total: 8.5/10




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