First Shot (2009)

The Swiss Band Gulpdown was founded in 2005 by Mick, Jay Paddy and Mäse, and in the same year they took on a second guitar player, who left the band again in 2007, he was replaced by Kev Diet. In 2007 Mick left as well, and Böttn joined the band.

In 2008 was Gulpdowns big moment, they could support The Sweet. In 2009 their first album „First Shot“ , with which this review is dealing, was released.

Already the first song on that CD „Action City“ is awesome, the singer shines with a beautiful, high voice and the song is very melodic, like you are used to with good Glam Rock. I can't pinpoint the inspiring sources from the sound, because it's very distinct. Nonetheless I feel set back in the 80s, which I enjoy very much.

Listening to the second song, the chorus is very catchy and I can't get it out of my head for the next few hours, because „We are bitches of Rock 'n' Roll“.

The 3rd song is called „Ticket to Hell“ and astonishes with superb guitar play mixed with the singer's great voice, it's fun to listen to this song. I can only recommend for everybody to listen to this song on myspace and form your own opinion.

„Come an say“ is THE tip for me on this EP, very nice music with great sound, like the whole CD. I can only say, this is a debut CD, that follows very high aims and – in my opinion – reaches them as well.

The last piece is called „Drunken Girl“ and here again, the guitars attract my attention, and you can't complain in any aspect with this song either, so I think it's good.

Bottom line: It's very rare that I like a debut CD from the beginning, with many bands you have to listen for a bit. Not the same with Gulpdown, I think, this CD is an asset for everybody, who likes Glam Rock or Rock. So, go to the band's website and buy it ;-)

You can get the EP for a fan-friendly price of 5 Euros at and in my opinion those are some very well spent 5 Euros. Because Gulpdown rocks!!!


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