Fragmenta - Sedition (2011)


About this Review I am very happy to write this review. It is the first album by the Australian  thrash metal band Fragmenta  , I was already excited about  the first demo of the band which was released in 2007 under the title "The First Assault". The demo contains only 3 songs, but these were of an astonishing quality  for a debut. The band which originates from Adelaide in Australia, was founded in 2007 and in the same year they released their first demo. Fragmenta are playing some kind of modern thrash metal, which is mixed with skillful growling, some tracks of the album contain elements of speed metal, that are fast and very hard. In 2008 they released their first official single, "Merchants of Doom". So far, the band released everything by themselves, but I am sure the current album is not only interesting for their fans. It should definately be interesting for record companies as well.

But let’s start with “Sedition”, the debut album the band released in 2011. The first song "Pandemonium" opens with an sustained guitar, drums, bass playing, before the growling vocals start. If I remember correctly, the song was already included on the first demo. The track is powerful and raw and the drummer does maximum work The album continues with "Violent Uprisal", which is kept very fast-paced, the vocals range from melodic parts to shouting, the entire song is a treat for thrash metal fans. Both guitar and sound quality are very close to a professional recording. So there's really nothing to complain about. "River of Fear" starts very quiet and you get introduced to the song softly and rhythmically, slowly it speeds up and both electric guitars and bass join in, until the song launches a full attack, you should absolutely check out this song on the album. The song “Black Master” is very rocky and after listening to it twice, you can easily sing along with the chorus.  The song is borne by the guitars and has an iconic character,  it is a song what at you can let the hair fly [it is perfect for head banging]. My second hot tip from this album is "Throwdown", that is also available in full length at the band’s myspace page, because the lead guitar is very skilled the song is very thrashy and has quite a few breaks, it is powerful and very aggressive, exactly what I like, but the whole thing is eased by melodic passages. In "Destroying Technology" I particularly like the intro of the song and then again this aggressive and raw shouting. The seventh track needs some getting used to, it consists merely of a trail of single sounds, that is a bit too experimental for my taste. The eighth song absolutely hits home with me, "Merchants of Doom" the Australians hit exactly the point. "Corpse Platoon" was already included on the demo from 2007 and is a must on this CD. I am sure the live version of this song is a blast. The last track is called "Mindset Assault" and is a fitting end for this CD, the band once again shows edgy, raw thrash metal.

The booklet is none in the true sense, but the lyrics are printed on the inside covers. The font face is very small, therefore the readability is not too well . I like the cover itself, it shows faceless figures in suits, who wrack and ruin the world. I like it...

My conclusion for this CD, the album is a successful self-production of the band, the songs are rocky and thrashy, exactly what I expected. The album can be reheard a second and third time without the songs getting boring too quickly. Fragmenta shows that they have mastered their instruments well. Unfortunately, the booklet falls a bit short, but this is typical for such situations when bands have to fund their CDs on their own because the booklet, because booklets are a huge expense factor. I can only recommend this album, and you can purchase it via the following links:
I am curious on the band’s future evolvement and what's coming next.


Line Up:
Duncan Fisher        Vocals / Guitar
Andrew Gasson     Guitar
Saxon Bell             Bass
Sam Stretton         Drums



Sound quality: 9/10                variations: 9/10                       cover: 9/10        booklet: 7/10
total: 8,5


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