Bonfire - Cry4help (2012)

Since the eighties, Bonfire belongs to the biggest ones in the german hard rock area. The formal birth of the band, coming from Ingolstadt, was in 1986. But actually, we have to look some more years back, because Hans Ziller founded the band, former known as “Cacumen” already in 1972, they were really successful and released 3 albums. Finally after that, they renamed themselves to “Bonfire” and launched their debut album “Don’t touch the Light”. Now, 26 years later, they have not lost their fire. On 25th May 2012 the new EP “Cry4help” was launched, and with it, the band supports the animal rights group PETA (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”), 1 Euro of every sold record is a donation for them.

The CD starts with the radio edit of “Cry4help”, despite of the serious content, this song rocks. The drawn-out guitar plays and the voice of Claus Lessmann are very nice, I’m really stoked on this song. In addition, the next two tracks are the long and the acoustic version of “Cry4help”, whereas the acoustic version has more soul and the character of this song is better underlined. The fourth song „You make me feel“ is a nice, rock ballad, the drums and the guitars create an atmosphere that creates creeps. That’s the kind of hard rock I like! The song is also a really good Livesong for this EP. The fifth song “I need you” is very soulful, maybe not that suitable for die-hard Metaler, but your girlfriends will love it.  “Just follow the Rainbow” is a properly ending for this hardrock wreck.

Result: Bonfire does not invent the wheel new, however they succeed in showing their musical message. The songs are variable and despite of the serious themes, it’s fun to listen to the album. Additionally, to be engaged for animal protection needs respect.

Sound quality: 10/10                Variation: 9,5/10                       Cover: 9/10        Booklet: 0/10
Total: 9,5


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