Agrypnie – Asche (Ash) EP (09.12.2011)


Agrypnie which was thought at the beginning as a solo project by Torsten, the former singer of the now reformed Nocte Obducta, in 2004 saw the light of this world. Before Agrypnie to a full band developed, there was a split album with the melodic death metal band Fated and the album F51.4. After that the Guys of Agrypnie published the albums Exit and 16 [485]. The new EP is calling "Asche" (Ash)

I want to give a short overview of each song:

Gnosis: Whomping guitars and drums set the tone, there is no other way than with the head rhythmically to surrender. From the five minutes it's a quiet revolution sounds and a light goes on drumming up all together. The singing is clear and strong, this piece is wrapped like a live bomb.

Erwachen: Wow, while listening to this song, I inevitably had to think of “Celtic Frost”, because of the sagging and depressing drum, which bangs in the listener and attends the melody. The guitars take you to the darkest part of your soul. The desperate singing is purposeful inserted. A destructive but gorgeous song.

1.10#06+0.35: Truly, that’s an interesting title for a song, it invites the listener to dream away. The song, which lasts about 6 minutes, is dominates by the keyboards and now and then clanging drums are heard. There’s a total renunciation of singing.

Augenblick: A nice intro, which hails a storm and the text makes pictures appear my mind. Angry singing, aggressive drums and hard guitars, which aren’t stingy with tempo-changes and really electrify and absorbing. Even if it’s a long song, it’s still too short.

Kosmos [Omega]: While listening to this song, the listener stands in front of a big nothing, the never ending. Neither time nor space has a meaning.

Augenblick (Demo Version): The original version of this title is just instrumental with the little difference, that it lasts about 9 minutes, and that’s a great ending for this album.

The sound is good and the instruments harmonise perfectly with each other, none of it goes down.
The singing is always good to advantage and is really diversified. The prevailing mood is dark and a bit melancholic, but that’s okay because no one wants to hear something about rainbows and sunshine. The launching date for this CD is really in the right time, that’s the kind of music I want to listen to, while walking through an autumnal or wintry forest. The cover lets space for own interpretations, I like that. Who wants to get to know the music of the band, gets a really good overview about the legislating. I don’t want to accent one special song because the whole creation is more than worth to listen to.

Result:  Agrypnie are once again the proof, that Black Metal can even function without Corpse paint, pentacles and Satanism. Perfect for Fans of
Dornenreich, Alcest, Nocte Obducta

Line Up:


Torsten         Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Songwriting and Lyrics
René             Drums
Dave            Guitar
Martin          Guitar
Nathanael      Bass



Soundquality: 9/10                Variation: 8/10             Cover: 8/10                 Booklet: 9/10
total: 9/10


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