Wall of the Eyeless - Through Emptiness (2011)

The date of birth of the band Wall of the Eyeless was dated on November 2011 in Helsjön/ Sweden.
SL, who comes from Pskov/ Russia and tried unsuccesfully to form a band there, is now a student in Helsjön at the Folkshögskola. But he never gave up his hope and wrote the first songs. After the meeting between him and Simon (drums) things came together. Very fast they recorded the songs for the Demo CD Through Emptiness, which was released at the end of december 2011. In spite of the poor quality the demo earned good critics.

The demo contains 4 songs, that show a lot of the skills of the band and i am looking forward, whether they can impress me. The first song "The Hands" has a very poor quality, it is Death Metal with some progressive elements. The recording of the single instruments is loud an the individual voices are sometimes lost in the chaos of the sound. The fast parts are often changing with slow melodic parts, where the the guitars are sometimes overriden. The 2nd track "Do we belong here?" begins with a melodic guitarplay and grows with a nice sound also the voice seems good in the first moments. The band plays with different elements and the song contains some parts which ease it all a little bit with accoustic guitarsounds. The third song "Wall of Eyeless" contains some heavy metal elements but here is also the soundquality the problem. It seems to be a little bit unbalanced and to experimental. Now let us talk about the last song which is called "The Rain Song". The track begins with a very melodic introduction and the guitars are a bit better recorded than in the songs before. The vocals begin very late and the musicalic interludes are minimalistic. Maybe you can put this song into the Progressive Metal genre, but its not precise to say this.

So in my opinion the band has some skill. Maybe the soundquality is not the best, but it is a newcomer band, so come on. Maybe "Wall of the Eyeless" should invest more time to arrange the songs and their conzepts, but you can see very good approaches at the vocals but also the usage of their instruments. Maybe it is not the demo of the year, but this work has its own strength and of course potencial.


Soundquality: 6/10                Variation: 7,5/10                      Cover: 6/10         Booklet: 0/10
Total: 6,5/10

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