Unchained Horizon - Shattered Land (28.05.2012)

The band’s history started in 2007, at this time they were just a cellar project and were known as “Chains of Agony”. Then in 2009 they changed their name to “Unchained Horizon” and that was the original founding. They describe their music style as alternative metal and their models extend from classic heavy metal bands such as “Iron Maiden”, to trash metal and also to NU metal bands such as “Slipknot”. In 2011 the first EP “Chain Reaction” enters the music market and gets really good reviews. Now, in 2012, the next EP, which is called “Shattered Land”, follows.
The album starts with the song “Angry man” and that’s a perfect name for it, cause it’s hard and brutish, it reminds the listener of the first years of “Iron Maiden”. The guitar lashes to a fulminate song and the singer’s voice can really competes with punk singers, hard and melodic parts rotate with each other. In my opinion; “Angry man” is a really powerful start for this album. In “Bridge to Nowhere” the bandsmen really hit it up, they dug deeply in the “heavy metal box”, vocally and instrumentally. At which, one must say, they didn’t copy stiles, they interpret the music new, in their own way. The 3rd title is called „Suffocated Dreams“, and this one surprised me! On one side it’s rocky, maybe a bit snotty and on the other side there are some punk influences and really great scream elements. I think, on a concert, this song will rock the public and will create an awesome mood! The next track “Shattered Land”, after which the album is named, comes next. This one starts with a short intro and is held in a middle tempo, the guitars are very melodic and vocally the singer changes different stiles. It’s a pretty cool song and I would recommend it as a first play tip. Unfortunately, we’re getting closer to the end of this album now, with the last song “Lose Control”, It is, once again, really fine metal and a great ending for this album.

Result: „Shattered Land“ is a great follower for Unchained Horizon’s first album. The band shows a big music spectrum within this 5 songs and it offers a little bit for everybody. There are definitely some Heavy Metal elements, but also rock and punk trash. It’s really fun to listen to it and even after the second or third listening it doesn’t get monotonous.Thumbs up!

Line Up:


Sascha (vocals, guitar)
André  (vocals, guitar)
Jörn     (bass)
Bernd  (drums)



Sound quality: 10/10                Variation: 9,5/10                      Cover: 9/10         Booklet: 0/10
Total: 9,5/10


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