Manowar - The Lord of Steel (16.06.2012)

After two years after "Battle Hymns MMXI" the True Metal Heroes Manowar are back with a new album called  "The Lord of Steel" which is now available for digital sale and in the upcoming spring as a CD version. The first song "The Lord of Steel" is a mighty song with leading drums, but sounds very bassy and seems like it was produced with virtual studio instruments (vsti) only. So it is very straight and a little bit unusual. But the next song "Manowarriors" contains the typical Manowar Poweround and is similar to "Warrior of the World United". The sound is good and the guitar recording is really clean so the song shows a specialy stregth, but it is also real straight and  sterile. "Born in a Grave" continues with this bassy sound, a little bit disappointing for me as a confessing Manowar-fan, and should be more bombastic,  with the typical epic vocals with the Manowar power, what you can feel in Manowar songs and is left behind. But the 4th track "Righteous Glory" is more Manowar. Its a slow and very melodic song and nice to hear.  Continuing with "Tough the Sky" we have again the bassy sound but the vocals of Eric Adams is distinctive for manowar also the drumplaying of Donnie Hamzik are full of power, but there is also something missing. The 6th song "Black List" begins with a drumintro that is supported by the bass, but also leads to a bassy sound. Later also vocals and distorted guitars. It is also a hearable song. Let us go on... "Expendable", is an ass kicking song you can hear also twice, and after it, the song "El Gringo" seems to be a song of an Wild West Movie, maybe like in the movie "Once Upon a Time in the West". Of course it contains a soundtrack of a western movie. Now the last in the line. The next-to-last "Annihilation" is a typical Manowarsong, with the typical manowar feeling and the typical manowar power. The last song  "Hail, Kill and Die" is a good ending for "The Lord of Steel".

My conclusion: The new Manowar CD "The Lord of Steel" is not a typical Manowar album and real Manowar-fans have to get used to it. The sound contains some typical elements but goes a new way. Hordcore collectors will surely wait for the CD version and these, who can´t wait will buy the mp3 version. This album has his highs and lows, especially the bassy and sterile sound is exhausting, and sometimes there will be the wish for more power. But songs as "Righteous Glory" made everything better. Overall it is a solid work, without the typical Manowar-Power and the bombastic sound.

Line Up:


Eric Adams        Vocals
Donnie Hamzik   Drums, Percussion
Karl Logan         Guitars, Keyboards
Joey DeMaio      Bass Guitars, Keyboards




Soundquality 9/10                Variation: 8/10                      Cover: 7/10         Booklet: 0/10
Total: 8/10



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