Hopelezz - Black Souls Arrive (07.04.2012)

The offizial founding of the band is dated to the year 2009 but almost in the year 2008, drumer Nick Gaidel and guitarist  Sebastion Aurig met and played togehter music. In the year 2009 the band was compleated and so they started the songwriting and played their first gig in the winter of the same year. In reason of their high impact on the emerganza festival they made the first place in the crowdvoting. Through the year 2010 the band had a lot of live gigs and shared the stage with masterclass bands as sepultura, Walls of Jericho or Copykill and so they gatherd a lot of fame in a very short periode. This allowed the band to enterd the studio with the producer Torsten Sauerbrey in the Summer 2010, to record the EP "Source of Ignition". This fist work got a lot of positiv reactions from the fand and the press and was sould over 500 times. The year 2011 was also full of action for the band, and so thei shared the stage with bands like soilwork, Eisregen, Sepultura and many other bands. But this was not enough for the guys from Wuppertal and so they decided to produce their debut cd. In October 2011 they entered again the MetalSound Studio to produce their work  with a lot of energy, what also gained attention from the Label 7 Hard Records, who decided to offer the band a worldwide deal. On the 7th April 2012 the new cd was released, and i will tell you in this review about this release.

Myself, as a  Melodic Death Metal fan, was looking forward for this album. The Intro called "Tragedy" is promissing alot. Slight bells combinded with the keyboard is a very melodic introduction to theses cd and uses also sometimes industrial elements. But an intro is only a  introduction and the next song "Made of Stainless Steel" showes me the amound of of this cd, which is blowing my mind away. Boom. The song, driven by the vocals of Fabio Sgarlato, who is in my oppinion the perfect vocalist for such a music. The guitars sound great and also the drums made a very good job, so i have no other chance but to hear the song once again.

The 3rd song "Devil´s Ride" is even very powerful  and melodic, the vocals are between diabolical shouting and clean singing and the drums are rythmic drumfire and so their is only one way to consume this songs, bang your fucking head. I think live it must be a greatness. Following to this song "Black Souls Arrive" is played. This song is the namesake of this cd and i am almost overwhelmed about this varriing Melodic Death metal. The guys from Wuppertal just know to impress with this recording and their is no reason to hide this cd. Now let us come to the 5th song, "The New Delight" which is also blowing my mind away, especially the mighty drums played by Nick Gaidel are leading this song along with the infernal shouting and the clear background vocals it creates a catchy record. "Atheist" is introduced by sounds of old an old phonograph and strikes back with the full power of the band. The song is my favorit and also my listening tip for you becouse it is worthy to listen it again and again. After this song we come to the 7th song "Surrounded by Destruction" and i  try to find a parallel to other bands, but theese musicians creates their own perfectly balanced sound.  The 8th song of "Back Souls Arrive", Milk the Goat" is inspired of the diabolical shouting and their melodic guitarplaying, a great song and my 2nd playing tip. But i dont think it is enough for me. The next songs "Monster Insides" starts sonorous, and the vocals of Fabio Sgarlato is brilliant. Bomber alert and canon fire introduce the next song "Eternal Night", that could also be a song of a thrash metal band, but the upcoming song is also a new level for this cd. "Contraspit" is a very fast song, who lets your head bang to the music. But now we are coming to an end with "What do you think about", an also fantastic song who is introduced by a arabian style guitarplaying. Hopelezz gives everythink and create this powerful song, what is a perfectly ending for this grandious masterwork.

Conclusion: Wow, it is really rare that a band manages such a great album right off, some need a few years and many tries. At this CD everything fits, the songs are varying, the musicians master their instruments and the sound is as it has to be. Even after listening a few times "Black Souls Arrive" is not getting boring. If you like melodious Death Metal you can buy this without any doubts. This screams towards a top-rating!

Line Up:


Fabio Sgarlato       Vocals
Sebastian Aurig      Guitar
Dennis Ehlen          Guitar
Bastian Heusener    Bass
Nik Gaidel             Drums


Soundquality: 10/10                Variation: 10/10                      Cover: 10/10         Booklet: 10/10
Total: 10/10

Homepage: http://www.hopelezz.de/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hopelezzmetal
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hopelezzmetal


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