Hamburger Jungz - Rock ´n´Roll, Fussball & Tattoos (06.07.2012)

Since 1998 the Deutschrock band called "Hamburger Jungz" are stiring up the musicscene. After 3 Singles and their fist album "1887 geboren", released in 2008, they are back with  something new. The album "Rock `n´Roll, Fußball & Tattoos"is a new milestone for them. Since years the guys are standing in the surrounding of the HSV (Hamburg footballclub) and played with big musicians from Hamburg as Lotto King Karl or Abschlach. I´m really curious what i will hear. The first song "Mit Gottes Segen in die Hölle" is a great opener and it rocks alot. The refrain is a catchy record and after the first listening you are able to
sing it along. I have to ask myself, why i never heard of this band in the past. It is really impressive and i want to hear more of it. The next song "Rautengeil" is a HSV song, supported by the band Abschlach. The track is a rocking one and has something anthemlike, so every fan of the footballclub has to sing it along with the guys. "Jungz United" has some punk inside and is my first playtip on this cd. It is one you can feel inside yourself and so will hear it once and once again. So to the next song called "Irgendwie". It is a honest one and the band was supported by Lotto King Karl himself. It is also one of the songs, i could hear multiple times. "Der Schein trügt" is a song with overdriven guitars and critical lyrics,  but it´s not preaching moral or something. Followed by "Blut des Lebens" that is the next great song on this Cd with honest lyrics. The Song "Herr Ruin" tells the story about the consequences of beeing drug addicted. Of course the text has a hard statement but the guys where able to put a clear message into a great rock song. Now last but not least the song "Fussballgötter" is about the essential subject of the band. FOOTBALL!! It could have been a suitable song for the European Championship, but Germany lost the EM which is not hurting the song.

So in my opinion the album "Rock `n´Roll, Fussball & Tattoos" is a perfect Deutschrock CD made by Hamburger Jungz. The lyrics are honest and the message is clear, nothing strolling around just straight words. This work is a must have for footballfans and supporters of this band.

Line Up:


Olly              vocals
Dominik        bass
Oliver           guitar
Sven             drums





Soundquality: 9/10                Variation: 9/10                      Cover: 9/10         Booklet: 0/10
total: 9/10

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