Grave Digger - Home at Last (2012)

Over 3 decades Grave Digger stands for simbiose of Heavy and Power Metal. Chris Boltendahl founded the Band in the end of 1980 and after a few gigs on festivals, the musicians presented their first Album " Heavy Metal Breakdown", which is still unforgotten. In 1987 Grave Digger split for a short time but re-activated their work  in the year 1991. 2010 Grave Digger celebrated their 20th anniversary at the Wacken Open Air. In the same year Napalm Records released the album "The Clans will rise again", that got very good critics from the press. 2011 also a new Grave Digger EP called "The Ballad of Mary" was released which contains beneath the namesake of this cd also a few goodies like a version sung by Doro Pesh or an alternate version of Rebellion sung by Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian. But this was not the last activity. In 2011 Chris Boltendahl and Anita Hegerland have also recorded a new version of the hit-song "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein", which is only available as a download. Also they announced a new CD, called "Clash of the Gods". To shorten the waiting time they released the EP "Home at Last".

The first song "Home at Last" has a quiet well sound and is a good start for a EP in the typical Grave Digger style. In my opinion "Home at Last" goes the same way as the latest album "The Clans Will Rise Again" and is nearly a metal anthem. So but now let us hear the 2nd track. "Rage of the Savage Beast" is a Goodie for every Fan in fact, because the track is only released on this EP. One reason for me to buy this piece of Metal. This song goes straight into your blood and you must hear it again and again and again. Now to the next song, also an exclusive song "Metal will never die", similar to the Wackenanthem of the year 2011. But it is a nice song, so who cares.But thats not the end and for Grave Digger not enough, so it contains also live recorded songs from Wacken 2010 , Excalibur, Ballad of a Hangman and the Grave Digger Hymn "Heavy Metal Breakdown".

So now we will come to my opinion. In my opinion it is a nice EP and after hearing this, you really want more, so i am looking forward to the upcoming CD. It is really very good and the goodies are a nice idea for all DieHard Grave Digger Fans. It is a must have.


Line Up:


Chris Boltendahl             Vocals
Axel Ritt                        Guitars
Stefan Arnold                 Drums
Jens Becker                   Bass
Hans Peter Katzenburg  Keyboards





Soundquality: 10/10                Variation: 9/10                      Cover: 9,5/10         Booklet: 0/10
total: 9,5/10


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