Detracted - Trimming the End (27.06.2012)

Detracted, founded by Dimitrij Titenok, Nelson Feuerschutz, Nick Hansen und Malte Bergen in Oktober 2010, is a Death Metal band from Oldenburg (GER). Their first EP "Trimming the End" was released in June 2012 and i am exited what i will hear. The first track named "Beyond Damnation" begins very dark with  distorted guitars and  a very nice bassplaying and at the same time the drummer had to start his work. It is very melodic, much more melodic than most Death metal songs, and the singer does his work very well, as deep as his soul is able to sing. The 2nd "Taste of Pureness" has an acceptable recording and is a driving force full of technical elements that is getting
faster and faster during the whole song. The last in the line is called "Mentally ill". It begins with a bass prelude and a slow guitarbeginning which gethers more speed when the drums begin to play. Allover it is a very melodic song, that uses typical Death Metal elements, but has also  some Melodic Death Metal approaches.

In my opinion it is a very nice debut EP, but there is left space for 2 or 3 songs to be a perfect EP.Also it´s hard to put the band into the Death Metal genre, of course there are driving elements, but also very melodic one. All in all i must say, the musicians knows how to play their instruments and they show it on this EP. They also use unique elements in their music, but this seems to be really great. I am looking forward what will happen in the future of the band and of course, I see a lot of potential in it.



Line Up:


Dimitrij Titenok           Lead guitar
Nelson Feuerschutz     Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Nick Hansen               Bass
Malte Bergen              Drums



Soundquality: 9/10                Variation: 8/10                      Cover: 8/10         Booklet: 0/10
Gesamt: 8/10



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