Chronic - Hove one (15.02.2013)

The river Rhein flew peaceful and quite through the cathedral city cologne for a long time until 2007 two musicians thought it was the right time to found an own band. So Wolfgang Meierhoff and Michael Wittwer founded the band Chronic. Their music contains elements of Rock, Hardrock and Metal. Henceforward there was no rest in the rheincity anymore and with their first lineup the band had a lot of gigs on their bandaccount. In the year 2007 the band released their first Demo and worked hard to get a solid name in the scene. In 2012 a lot happened in their line up, Alex Fischer returned to Chronic and with Bernie Beginn there will be a new name for their line up. Nothing is able to stop the colognes and so Chronic decided to record their first EP „Hove one“, which will be released in 2013, in the BigEasy studio in Hennef. Even so the band shared the stage 2012 with bands the like of Grave Digger or Motorjesus and a live dvd was released. 

So Chronic have made it serious and released their first EP „Hove one“, and i´m curious what is waiting for me, in fact their demosongs where good. “Qou Vadis” (latin and stands for “where shall the way lead?”) is a really meaningful song and Chronic kicks ass with the first song. It is melodic and rocks, the guitars and bass are good listenable and the vocals are powerful and raw. It would be possible to compare it with other bands, but if you hear it a few times you will find Chronics own stile in the song.

I enjoy the introduction of “Hove one” and so I have repeated to listen “Qou Vadis” a few times. Virus hits a higher level, the sound is pushes the song forward straight into your neck. It is not easy to pot Chronic into a style, because it connects a lot of elements like Hardrock, Heavy Metal and Rock but also Thrash Metal. The vocals of “Virus” are still very powerful also all instruments are good to hear and sound clear recorded. The songs make a lot of fun. “Mirror” is at the beginning a very quite smooth song but gathers a lot of speed and aggression slowly between the parts. Again the power is in the focus which allows to bring the listener in touch with the music for this reason  and because it shows the skills of the cologne musician it is a MUSTPLAY track. “President Evil” is the last track on this CD and I can only say “why”, really I like this ep and I would like to hear more… Ok let’s talk about this song, in the first moments I thought about heavy metal like Iron Maiden, but after some seconds more and more elements drift into it, which gives this song a lot of power. This mid tempo song also has an excellent quality.

My opinion:
Chronic and their EP “Hove one” are a colorful mix which depends on their sound and their influences. It is Metal but there is also Rock, Hard Rock but also Punk and Thrash inside, also they are melodic and know how to fascinate their listeners. The recording is superb thanks to the great recorded instruments and the powerful vocal skills of the vocalist, who is also good skilled in soft vocals. I really really like this Ep and I am looking forward to hear more and so I hope it is one step forward to a new album.

Line Up:


Wolfgang Meierhoff               Guitar
Michael Wittwer                    Vocals
Bernie Beginn                         Bass
Alex Fischer                          Drums





soundquality: 9/10                variation: 9/10                      cover: 8/10         Booklet: 0/10
total: 8,6/10


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