Beast - Thrash Metal Propaganda (2012)

In Spring 2010, the band Beast was founded in Madrid by Matheus (Vocals), Ivan (guitar), Dani (bass) and Jean (drums). Their destination was to combine pure Thrash Metal  with influences of other musicgenres as Death Metal. In the End of 2010 Beath recorded their first demo CD "Nuclear Devastation". Some times later they played gigs with well known bands as Breathless, Agresiva and Havok. In November 2011 the Band released their first EP "Beer and Blood". At the beginning of 2012 Daniel (Guitar) joined the band and complett  the lineup. Now Beast released their newest work - "Thrash Metal Propaganda".

The Ep contains 5 tracks and i am excited about what i will hear. "Toxic Wastes" is the first song with nice overdriven guitars and a drum which leads the song. I remember the beginning of Anthrax and wow they are really similar. Also the vocals are great and full of power. So now to the 2nd. "One Body, Two Bags" a very fast Thrash Metal song, and a singer who is between screeming vocals and driving extasy. So it is a song, that is worth to hear it some times more. "Black Death" the third song of this cd, is a song to remember. It is played in mid-tempo with soft and consistend drumming and the guitars and bass are used to loosen up the vocals. The fourth song "Thrash Metal Holocaust" is a fast one and you just have to bang your head in the rythm of the music. The last one on this work is called "Blood Upon the Snow" and i have awaited an ass kicking Trashsong but it is a melodic one with driving guitars and an unusual end for this EP.

Opinion: This EP "Thrash Metal Propaganda" contains 5 songs who show a lot of the band. It has a good production, but i think they are able to pull more out of it. The style of the band is native Thrash Metal, i think with american influences and of course, the last track is really unusual.

Line Up:


Matheus     vocals
Ivan           guitar
Casado      guitar
Dani          bass
Jean          drums


Soundquality: 8/10                Variation: 8,5/10                      Cover: 9/10         Booklet: 0/10
total: 8,5/10




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