Wömit Angle cover artwork und tracklist unveiled!

It was foreseen! The uprising of genuine true music from the depths of  modern music machinery!

Wömit Angel?s debut album Sodomatik Rites of I.N.R.I will come out  30th November through Inverse Records.

Wömit Angel´s music salutes such old values as Impaled Nazarene; Motörhead; Carpathian Forest. tHE Music is straightforward crowbar-to-the-face Sado-Punk/Black Metal. Base of the upcoming album lies in two sold out self-released EP`s.

So sit back and listen to the soundtrack fit for Sodoma brought to you by UNHOLY AND HORNY Soul Torturing Crew!!!

1. Sodomatik Rites Of  I.N.R.I
2. Unholy And Horny (Soul Torturing Crew)
3. Into The Storm Of Sodom
4. Buried In Pig Skin
5. Deathrape in Deep C(ünt)
6. Armageddon Belongs To Me
7. Souls Burning Black
8. Release The Blood
9. Slut
10. Werewolf Extravaganza
11. Monastery Pervert
12. Corporal Mortification
13. Killing Starts

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