Die finnischen Epic Metaller WINTERSUN werden am 12. Oktober ihr lange erwartetes, zweites Album „TIME I“ veröffentlichen, bevor sie im Oktober/November als Headliner auf die sog. Heidenfest Tour gehen werden. Vor kurzem befand sich die Band mit Fotografin Nana Simelius im Studio, um die neuen Fotos zum kommenden Album zu schießen.

Die Band kommentiert wie folgt:
"Looking for the photographer for TIME I we went through many photographers' portfolios, but looking at Nana´s portfolio we instantly knew she had that extra something that would fit well with our new mix of oriental and traditional winter styles. She was very inspired with our ideas so we were really happy to work with her. We drove down to Turku (200 km away from Helsinki) where the photoshoot took place in her studio. We were shooting all day and the result turned out to be amazing, thanks to Nana's talent and vision, but also her stylists and assistants! We aimed for a magical winter and oriental look and we think we succeeded perfectly."

Hier gibt es ein behind-the-scenes Video zu sehen:

Hier geht zur Making-of Fotogalerie:

„TIME I“ wird am 12. Oktober via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht, die Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:

1. When Time Fades Away
2. Sons of Winter and Stars
I Rain of Stars
II Surrounded by Darkness
III Journey Inside a Dream
IV Sons of Winter and Stars
3. Land of Snow and Sorrow
4. Darkness and Frost
5. Time

Quelle: Nuclear Blast

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