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Metal-Spotlight on Whipping Princess


Sweden has a lot to offer, but one of the most unusual musical flowers is probably the originating from Malmö band Whipping Princess. The band members look at their promotional photos as they have just escaped a Black Metal Video, but when the music starts, the audience will be completely confused in the first moment. So Whipping Princess Mix ingredients from the fields of soul, rock, blues, punk and metal to a delicious whole. In their songs always swings a little  bit nostalgia of the 70's, that is also reflected clearly in their sound. But who are Whipping Princess at all?
Karl Hinterleither, it is suffering in his previous projects, always to serve only as a whipping boy so he decides to leave the music business. But as so often in life, things turn out differently than you think, because in 2010 he meets Jenny Jonasson, a singer with a fantastic voice. Her roots are in the blues rock and so it is not surprising that the idea grows to start a new project. The sound should contain raw punk elements and be melodiously as in rock or blues music.
In the end of 2010  Linus Henriksson joined in, as the drummer for Whipping Princess. Simon Södererg joined the band on guitar. 2012, changed the line-up, Jan Sjöö changed with Linus Henriksson the place on drums, unfortunately only until 2013, then he left for personal reasons the band. Beeze came to the band in 2013,  but he also leaves it in 2015 for personal reasons. The musicians signed in 2013 a record deal with Blackstream Records and release their first album "Birth of Rage" in 2014.

Now it is time for Whipping Princess to be a little bit louder and so they releasing their new video for "Hello Hey how are you".



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