Soilwork veröffentlichen Cover und Tracklist

„The Living Infinite“, das neunte Studio-Album und erste Doppelalbum der schwedischen Melodic-Death-Metal-Meister SOILWORK erscheint am 1. März 2013. Produziert wurde die Scheibe von Jens Bogren (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, BLOODBATH, KREATOR...) und schmückt Artwork von MNEMICs

Mircea Gabriel Eftemie:
"Seven years ago, I created the artwork for the „Stabbing The Drama“ album and I can’t believe how time flies! Here we are, with sexy grey hairs, working with my friends in SOILWORK again. This time, we built the cover around a maritime concept, aiming for something direct and symbolic. I believe we achieved that quite well. From my creative deck, I salute you and say: Long Live „The Living Infinite“."
SOILWORK dazu: “After commissioning some pretty elaborate covers for the last couple of records, we decided to try something more sober and design-oriented for The Living Infinite. Who better to call than the man who created the iconic „Stabbing The Drama“ cover? Mircea Gabriel Eftemie is not only a close friend but also an incredible graphic designer. We’re all stoked about his work which is different from anything SOILWORK has ever done and perfectly suits the elegant oceanic concept of „The Living Infinite“. Enjoy folks!”

CD 1
01. Spectrum Of Eternity
02. Memories Confined
03. This Momentary Bliss
04. Tongue
05. The Living Infinite I
06. Let The First Wave Rise
07. Vesta
08. Realm Of The Wasted
09. The Windswept Mercy
10. Whispers And Lights
CD 2
01. Entering Aeons
02. Long Live The Misanthrope
03. Drowning With Silence
04. Antidotes In Passing
05. Leech
06. The Living Infinite II
07. Loyal Shadow
08. Rise Above The Sentiment
09. Parasite Blues
10. Owls Predict, Oracles Stand Guard







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