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Fans of progressive metal are offered a real treat when Simulacrum release their new concept album, Sky Divided through Inverse Records on the 28th of August 2015. The artwork is by Jan Yrlund, who has worked with such artists as Manowar, Stratovarius & Sirenia and the cover portrayes the post-apocalyptic mood of the album's title track. The album is a hefty 62 minutes long and the tracklist is as follows:


1. Timelapse (02:50)
2. Behind The Belt Of Orion (05:32)
3. Broken (05:51)
4. Embrace The Animal Within (05:00)
5. Deep In The Trenches (05:25)
6. The Abomination (10:57)
7. Sky Divided (05:50)
8. Enter Hyperion (06:01)
9. A New Beginning (14:19)


To support the album Simulacrum has tons of material packed away and it will be released every couple of weeks through the bands website, social media and webzines. There will be two big budget music videos, multicam live video recordings from Turku Klubi, a teaser of the songs and making-of video snippets.





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