MOB RULES: "Ice & Fire" video clip & single released!


Northern German melodic metallers MOB RULES have just released their new video clip, filmed for their new single "Ice & Fire". The band's new album "Cannibal Nation" is scheduled for an October 19th release


Guitarist Matthias Mineur comments:
“The song was inspired by the fate of the Columbian politician Ingrid Betancourt, who was kidnapped by rebels and held captive for six years. In interviews, she has repeatedly talked about her ordeal, about her constant fear of death and torture, and about the wonderful feeling of being reunited with her friends and family. A life between fire and ice, in other words: between two extremes. This video reflects the song’s slightly melancholy atmosphere and the life Betancourt was forced to endure surrounded by nature deep in the jungle.”

MOB RULES will celebrate the release of "Cannibal Nation" with a Live release party on October 20th  in their hometown Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Tickets are available now.

1. Close My Eyes
2. Lost
3. Tele Box Fool
4. Ice And Fire
5. Soldiers Of Fortune
6. The Sirens
7. Scream For The Sun (May 29th 1953)
8. Cannibal Nation
9. Sunrise

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